The Sedentary Ramblers


Once in a generation, a band comes along that is unlike any that has come before it, and unlike any that will follow. 

A band so revolutionary, so innovative, it forever alters our musical landscape, even the course of life on earth. 

A band that makes its predecessors seem paltry and pedestrian, and leaves its successors hopeless in the face of a bar that has been set impossibly high. 

We are not that band. 

But we are 3 guys who really like getting together to pick guitars and banjos, saw on fiddles, and bang around on washboards and spoons.  So come on in and join the fun!

Our debut album is available now for the insanely high price of 9.99 (plus 2.00 shipping) 

Check out our music page, or click the icon below to order a copy today!